Real Estate Due Diligence: making informed decisions.

Through Due Diligence, SCI VALUE offers a comprehensive analysis of both the property and its development, from a technical and urban point of view.

A valuable team, to provide value to your investment.

There is no need to leave the world of construction to find an analogy that explains the significance of teamwork regarding Value Analysis.

SCI Value S.r.l. A company built on extensive experience, that of Value Engineering.

Value Engineering is our main field of work, but we started working towards this a long time ago.

Reverse Value Engineering®. What it is and how it can help to optimise the budget.

Optimising investment is an absolute must in construction. Green field and brown field works require high budgets and considerable risk for investors.

Former General Warehouses. In Verona we give value to the future.

As the largest Italian player in the world of Reverse Value Engineering® and Project Management, our mission at Sci Value is clear: provide value to investments to bring value to the city and its future.