A valuable team, to provide value to your investment.

There is no need to leave the world of construction to find an analogy that explains the significance of teamwork regarding Value Analysis.

In fact, the SCI VALUE team also operates as a building where all elements must be in perfect harmony to create an efficient construction, combining a perfect architecture of costs and functions.

REVERSE VALUE ENGINEERING, the exclusive methodology developed by SCI VALUE, employs different specialisations and individual skills, construction and cost management experts, however the final outcome is the result of team work. Starting from the preliminary analysis, all components are on the evaluation table and their composition defines the savings “delta value” that represents the goal of each task.

The SCI VALUE team now encompasses all the Construction, Electrical, Mechanical and technological product specialisations; the team is then completed by the crucial Administration, Finance and Secretariat departments. “I think of myself as a coach in the field” – says Salvatore Sesto founder and administrator of SCI VALUE- “directly involved in the commercial and Project Management departments whilst coordinating this exceptional team”. “I personally dedicated myself” – continues the engineer Sesto – “to selecting the team and to create the working environment that characterises SCI VALUE, an atmosphere perceived and appreciated by our Customers and partners. The strength of the team in this relationship lies, in fact, in conveying the right mix of professionalism, composure and clarity that derives from the awareness of the team’s own skills, from the validity of the RVE method, from the experience gained over the years by working on significant projects”.