Real Estate Due Diligence: making informed decisions.

Through Due Diligence, SCI VALUE offers a comprehensive analysis of both the property and its development, from a technical and urban point of view.

We perform a documentary check and technical compliance verification for fast, secure, profitable real estate transactions.

The most comprehensive and “diligent” check-up of the property.

The term “due diligence” refers to a structured investigation aimed at collecting and analysing information about the status and conditions of a property or real estate asset. An activity which belongs to the skills and experiences of SCI VALUE since its foundation, closely related to the complex of services offered within the framework of Real Estate.

Being informed to invest with confidence.

Used more and more often by investors, the practice of due diligence aims to provide a correct description of the properties in relation to the planned operations, assessing both their positive and negative aspects, verifying whether the conditions for implementing the planned measures are met.
The goal of due diligence is to assess the opportunity and convenience of the transition, highlighting any critical issues that might otherwise compromise its execution.

An investigation for specialists.

Real Estate Due Diligence combines data of different nature, legal, administrative, technical-planning and economic which contribute to defining a general and detailed overview of the analysed asset.

A very complex investigation, not only a documentary check but also conducted in the field, with the verification of the places and the state of the property, including urban-building and environmental analysis, cadastral surveying, technical-structural and plant-engineering analysis, estimative analysis, legal analysis (mortgages, leases in progress).

It will begin with a preliminary phase consisting of obtaining all the technical material necessary for the verification of the project followed by the operational phase, through the processing of all data collected, and leading to the production of a report for the client who will thus have a global view on the property of his interest.

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