Riqualificazione architettonica ed impiantistica delle parti comuni dell’immobile

Immobile via Ippolito Nievo 51, - Rome Capital

The project
Fondo Cicerone building Two - Extraordinary maintenance project of the building located in via Ippolito Nievo 61, 00153, Rome Common parts.

Commissioning body

Fabbrica Immobiliare SGR S.p.A.


Opere di riqualificazione di 76 unità immobiliari - Via Giovanni Andrea Badoero nn. 51-61

Activities performed

Uploading of estimated bills of quantities onto the system.

Performance of market surveys.

Call for tenders from suppliers of building materials and systems.

Technical/economic tabulation of the bids received.

Crosscheck of correspondences between technical specifications, materials, and construction systems and design requirements.

Value Engineering RVE® activities.

Sent suppliers


Received offers


Percentage / number of receipts


R.V.E.® Start date

05 Ottobre 2021

R.V.E.® End date

15 Ottobre 2021

Overall number of days

Importo Progetto

€ 2.145.835,32

Project Total

Importo Reverse Value Engineering®

€ 1.646.128,90

Reverse Value Engineering® Fee

Reverse Value Engineering® Delta

€ 499.706,42

Delta RVE

Final optimisation


Optimised budget

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