Building renovation works former INPS building, intended for university residence

Via Galileo Ferraris, 4 - Naples

The project
Erasmo Fund -Building renovation works with destination change of the former INPS building located in via Galileo Ferraris n.4 Naples, to be used as a University Residence and accommodation facility.

Commissioning body

Fabrica Immobiliare SGR S.p.A.


la rotonda ex magazzini generali

Activities performed

Upload and drafting of price analyses for all items to the Estimated Bills of Quantities, Chapters:

  • Civil
  • Structures
  • Electrical and special installations
  • Mechanical installations
  • Furnishings
  • Professional fees (only for the drafting of the executive design), provided that the final version required for the release of the P.D.C. (building permit) is prepared in compliance with the regulations in force and in line with local directions.

    R.V.E. Reverse Value Engineering®.

    Sent suppliers


    Received offers


    Percentage / number of receipts


    R.V.E.® Start date

    02 October 2020

    R.V.E.® End date

    17 December 2020

    Overall number of days

    Importo Progetto

    € 21.724.049,82

    Project Total

    Importo Reverse Value Engineering®

    € 16.332.440,63

    Reverse Value Engineering® Fee

    Reverse Value Engineering® Delta

    € 5.391.609,19

    Delta RVE

    Final optimisation


    Optimised budget

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