Restructuring of office building into tourist accommodation facility

City of Rome

The project
Fondo Secondo Re - Municipality I of ROME CAPITAL – Restructuring of office building into a tourist accommodation facility in Via della Purificazione n.31-32.

Commissioning body

Investire SGR S.p.A.


la rotonda ex magazzini generali

Activities performed

Bills of quantities: upload and technical-economic assessment of original bills of quantities received.

Crosscheck of quantities: crosscheck of the quantities given in the bills and the quantities checked in the design drawings.

Market survey: of construction materials and systems, comparison of costs and supplier estimates.

Price analysis: preparation of price analyses of every entry in the Bill of Quantities to determine the economic congruity of the costs.

R.V.E. Reverse Value Engineering®.

Sent suppliers


Received offers


Percentage / number of receipts


R.V.E.® Start date

01 February 2018

R.V.E.® End date

12 February 2018

Overall number of days

Importo Progetto

€ 5.802.629,58

Project Total

Importo Reverse Value Engineering®

€ 5.015.685,71

Reverse Value Engineering® Fee

Reverse Value Engineering® Delta

€ 786.943,87

Delta RVE

Final optimisation


Optimised budget

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