Functional renovation of Warehouses 25 & 26 Condominium parts and user

Former General Storehouses - Verona

The project
Verona Property Fund - Former General Storehouses of Verona. Functional renovation, for office use, of Warehouses 25 and 26 (Building 09) - Executive project variance 1: Condominium parts and electrical and special systems for user DoBank, variance 2.

Commissioning body

Patrizia S.A.R.L.


Capannoni 25 & 26 parti condominiali ed utente DoBank

Activities performed

Uploading of estimated bills of quantities onto the system.

Execution of market surveys.

Call for tenders from suppliers of building materials and systems.

Technical/economic tabulation of the bids received.

Crosscheck of correspondences between technical specifications, materials, and construction systems.

R.V.E. Reverse Value Engineering®.

Sent suppliers


Received offers


Percentage / number of receipts


R.V.E.® Start date

October 2018

R.V.E.® End date

13 November 2018

Overall number of days

Importo Progetto

€ 1.034.694,73

Project Total

Importo Reverse Value Engineering®

€ 890.973,20

Reverse Value Engineering® Fee

Reverse Value Engineering® Delta

€ 143.721,53

Delta RVE

Final optimisation


Optimised budget

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